Sandra Tenuto Photography

photograph by nancy lynn miller

photograph by nancy lynn miller

Simply Beautiful. It's not just a way to look at photography, it's a way to see life.

The Gig

My career started when I moved to Phoenix in September of 1996, working as a team photographer with the Phoenix Suns, Phoenix Coyotes, Arizona Diamondbacks and Arizona Cardinals. This was a dream come true! During my 10 years as a sports photographer, I shot the action on the field, but also worked with several athletes’ families photographing their personal memories. In 2006, my focus changed to photographing families and weddings.

My Background

I was raised in a small town outside of Chicago and graduated from the University of Arizona in 1995. After graduating, I served as an intern for renowned photographer John Huet, and also assisted some of the world's best photographers while living in LA. During my career, I have photographed sporting events all over the world, and in addition, I have traveled the world and captured cultures, moments and real lives through my lens.


The Real Me

My morning starts with gratitude, sparked by my morning kiss and hug from Hudson, my son. 

My drink is a LARGE latte with honey. I edit your images (while still in my pajamas) on a MAC while listening to Taylor Swift. My camera of choice is a Nikon and my current favorite wine is the pinot noir from Four Graces.

Even though I don't teach yoga at this time, my hope is to one day return to teaching others a practice that has grounded my life and has given me so much.





Haiti 2011



I call Haiti the Beauty and the Beast. The country has so much love and joy to offer, but it is yet a world with an unstable government and horrible poverty. You will see a gallery dedicated to my work in Haiti. My first trip was in 2009. The devastating earthquake was in 2010. I have seen the whole country of Haiti during my 6 trips.. I continue to share the spirit of the people and the beauty of their country through my images. In 2010 the sales of my work helped build a school in Dos Palais. 

My future travels in Haiti are centered around Pwoje Espwa in Les Cayes, Haiti. You can visit them online at